Sports Facility Client Testimonials

At Pinnacle Indoor Sports, we’re proud of the relationships we build with clients we work with on sports complex consulting, design, management and operations support. Hear from our clients on the success of working with Pinnacle Indoor Sports for their projects.

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General Testimonials
Joe Ferry, All Sports Enterprises
2016-10-18, 09:40
Norm Gill, with PI Sports, makes our bidding, contracting, and installation process seamless and stress-free.  His knowledge of the construction business and honest and open relationships with both their clients and other building suppliers has been a strategic benefit to our working with them through the years.  We’ve seen their ability to save their clients, and contractors, money and time on numerous occasions.  We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build an indoor sport complex or needing any type of design or operational assistance.
Graham Berry, Soccer Planet (Champaign, IL)
2016-10-06, 11:06
We met Norm Gill in 2010 at the US Indoor conference in Chicago. We were contemplating opening an indoor soccer facility and attended the conference to get some information.

[Pinnacle Indoor Sports] have the experience because they had gone through the process of owning their own facility. They knew what it was like to own and run a sports facility.

They were always there when we needed them. They were very responsive and we felt very confident in their quality of work.

Norm and Steve (Pinnacle Indoor Sports) have always been there for us to offer expertise and advice whenever we have needed it. They are willing to go the extra mile for our success.

Their advice and guidance saved us time and money in the long run. Without them, we would have made a lot of mistakes.

[Pinnacle Indoor Sports] will save you time and money. Without their expertise, you will make many mistakes trying to figure it out by yourself.

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