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Company Overview

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Indoor Sports Complex Design

Company Overview

Pinnacle Indoor Sports is the industry leader in the development of sports arenas, athletic facilities and recreational centers in the United States and Canada. Pinnacle has offices in Prescott, AZ; Eau Claire, WI; and Toronto, Ontario.

Pinnacle provides a complete range of consulting services with experience in:  development and operation of the Soccer Blast/Sports Blast chain of facilities; project consulting with existing for-profit, non-profit, and municipal facilities; and project development from start to finish for new client projects. Rather than advocating a predetermined template of designs and approaches, the Pinnacle partners draw on their combined expertise and then implement effective ideas and adapt known solutions to the needs of each market.

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History of Our Consulting Services

Pinnacle Indoor Sports was founded in 2000 by experienced sports center owners and operators, Steve Michener and Norm Gill. Pinnacle’s founding was a direct response to the demand for professional planning, financial consulting and management services in the indoor sports market. Over the last 17 years, Pinnacle Indoor Sports has provided planning, funding support, development, design and construction management and operational services to a portfolio of more than 200 communities in planned and operational sports complexes.

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Leadership and Industry Experience

The leadership team for Pinnacle Indoor Sports is comprised of Founding Partner Norm Gill; Managing Partner Steve Michener; Associate Partner Sam Migliano; and Associate Partner Lisa Gill. Our work in both the United States and Canada offers our clients the international experience required to tailor specific facility approaches in their own unique, local communities.

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Graham Berry, Soccer Planet (Champaign, IL)
2016-10-06, 11:06
We met Norm Gill in 2010 at the US Indoor conference in Chicago. We were contemplating opening an indoor soccer facility and attended the conference … read more

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