We have the answers to questions you probably did not think to ask!

Pinnacle will work directly with you from the beginning of the indoor sports complex project through the first year of operation. We have advised clients across the country on developing and designing indoor sports facilities and recreation arenas.

While consulting packages are customized for each project, we can provide advice and recommendations on:

  • Market Assessments, Business Plans and Pro Forma Projections
  • Facility Design and Construction
  • Financing, Legal and Organizational Issues and Options
  • Participant Recruitment, Facility Marketing and Public Relations
  • Facility Operations, Scheduling, Staffing and Training
  • Sponsorship and Advertising Revenue Generation
  • Ongoing Operations and Marketing Oversight

In the course of our partnership, Pinnacle will help you find the right answer to the following questions:

Market Feasibility Studies

  • Will the market I'm interested in support a new indoor sports facility?
  • What are the likely sources of indoor sports and activity revenue?
  • What are the considerations in choosing an indoor sports complex building site?
  • What / Who is the competition?

Indoor Sports Complex Business Plans

  • How do I determine if this is a viable business venture?
  • How will I market a new indoor sports facility?
  • How do I develop realistic pro forma and financial projections?
  • How can I demonstrate the strength of this venture to capital markets?
  • How do I solicit investors?

Organizational Development - Indoor Sports Complex Design Organizational Services

  • What is the best legal form for my company?
  • How should operating agreements be structured?
  • What are the best options for real estate and operational organization?
  • Where can I obtain samples of appropriate organizational documents?

Financing an Indoor Sports Complex

  • What are the best options for financing the land and building?
  • What start-up capital is needed and how is it best financed?
  • What role is there for additional local ownership in raising operating capital?
  • What other financing needs will we have?

Strategic Positioning an Indoor Sports Facility

  • How precisely defined does our "product" need to be in advance?
  • How do we establish revenue opportunities and priorities?
  • What should we communicate about our plans in advance? To whom? When?
  • What are the early decisions that will save us money over the long term?What is the necessary/optimal timeline for our strategic decisions?

Indoor Sports Facility Usage Revenue Development

  • How can we identify all possible revenue sources?
  • How do we prioritize our efforts against the various revenue opportunities?
  • How do we optimize revenue from:
    • Youth and adult soccer leagues
    • Soccer camps and clinics
    • Youth and adult developmental/instructional programs
    • Children's parties
    • Other sports usage (in-line hockey, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, flag football, lacrosse, etc.)
    • Other facility rental opportunities
    • Community/charity events
    • Trade shows
  • How do we attract people not currently playing organized soccer, etc.?
  • What are our development opportunities in colleges, churches, civic and social clubs, and corporations? How do we attract participation/revenue from these entities?
  • How can we develop advocates to make our "recruiting" easier?
  • How do we compensate these people?

Construction of an Indoor Sports Facility

  • Which small design changes can significantly save on construction expenses?
  • Who can advise us on the construction bid and review process?
  • What customer amenities are necessary versus optional? What is the likely return on investment on these optional amenities?
  • What playing surfaces do we need? Which are the best alternatives? How can we get these for less than the going market rate?
  • What fixtures and equipment (lighting, HVAC, phone system, TV's, sound system, warm up area, showers, café tables, spectator seating, etc.) do we need? What revenue enhancements are possible with proper planning in these areas? What cost savings are possible?
  • What office space will we require? What space should we allocate for conference rooms, party rooms, changing rooms, lockable storage, administrative offices, visitor offices, medical examining rooms, etc.?How should we provide for retail/merchandising space?
  • Who are the best vendors with the best prices? How much can we save?

Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorships, Advertising

  • How do we generate $100,000 to$250,000+per year in partnership revenue?
  • How can we trade sponsorships for vendor services or free media?
  • What benefits/value do we offer corporations (marketing and other)? How should the benefits offered be valued?
  • Who are our best prospects? How do we prioritize our prospect list?
  • How do we approach corporations to get the best results?
  • What presentation materials do we need to develop? How are they best used?
  • How do we get to the decision maker? How do we get them to listen to us?
  • What is the contracting process? What forms are used?
  • What should be done to insure contract renewal? How do we best keep our sponsors happy?How do we recruit a successful marketing and sales person?
  • What do we pay them? What training is necessary?

Staffing and Training

  • How should we organize the work that needs to be done?
  • How many full-time vs. part-time people do we need? In what jobs?
  • How far in advance of opening should we hire people (by position)?
  • How do we recruit the best people? How much should we pay them?What training is necessary/optimal?
  • How can we develop an employee handbook for our business?
  • What employee related forms do we need?

Facility Operations

  • What start up equipment and supplies do we need?
  • What are the functions of the manager on duty (MOD)?
  • For what functions do we subcontract versus hire part-time help?
  • How much should we budget for facility operations, by category?
  • What are the best phone system policies and procedures?
  • What are recommended money collection/security procedures?
  • What types of insurance do we need and at what limits/costs?
  • How can we balance HVAC operating costs and customer comfort?
  • What scheduling strategies/policies are most successful?
  • What scheduling software is the best? What are its limitations?
  • How are they corrected?
  • How are game referees best scheduled? How much are they paid?
  • How do we obtain/disseminate rules of the games?
  • What can we do to inexpensively improve our competitive advantage?

Marketing and Public Relations

  • What is the optimal grand opening marketing and PR timeline?
  • What should be included in our grand opening publicity plan?
  • Should we purchase advertising? How much? In which media? Targeted at what audience?
  • How do we best communicate with our customer (player) prospects? How do we obtain mailing lists and phone numbers? What does this cost?
  • How do we develop a successful on-going media relations/publicity plan?How go we generate traffic in our facility?

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